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The First Wave: 2003

Iraqi bloggers in 2003 that still blog (or important ones that discontinued blogging):
1. Salam Pax (Dec 2002)
2. Raed Jarrar (Dec 2002)
3. Emoul
4. Riverbend
5. ITM Brothers
6. Nabil
7. Hammurabi
8. Ays
9. Zeyad
10. Ihath
11. Fadhil Badran
12. Faiza Jarrar
13. Khalid Jarrar
14.Fayrouz Hancock
15. Ladybird
7 bloggers have also started out this year but their blogs have all been discontinued, the only one worthy of mention is Ghaith Abdul Wahid, the important Guardian photographer who blogged for three months starting June 2003.
This is what I would like to term the 'first wave' of Iraqi bloggers, it is the strongest wave yet because all of its bloggers are some of the most dedicated bloggers in the Iraqi blogosphere, it suffices to mention that it contains all the 'Big Five' Iraqi bloggers: Salam Pax, Riverbend, Iraq The Model, Zeyad, and Raed Jarrar - as well as many other well-known bloggers, including the introduction of the 2 most prominent families: the Fadhil and Jarrar families.
Which brings us to a question, why are the most famous bloggers introduced at the same year? Does the fact that they were all early to catch the train be the single most important factor in their come-uppance? I have read many latter-day blogs and a lot of them deserve a lot of the attention these holy ones got.
To answer that question, I felt that it would be quite fitting to have a look at some of the other blogs that showed this year which didn't get the same attention as them. And this has inspired me to select my first review (see previous post)


Thank You for this list.

I can't believe you call your blog the 'Encyclobedia of Iraqi Blogs'. Damn what a joke. Encyclopedias are objective. Your blog is so *not* objective.

On what evidence mojo? You might be right, I am not neutral, but I am only biased to common sense.

thank you for your incentive here..

great posts, and i believe they do carry common sense with them.

however, please dont be haste to kill-off the google blogger group just yet.

a small trivial seed can grow into a strong oak if you care for it enough.

join us! start a discussion!

The Iraqi Blogodrome needs YOU!

(btw political discussions are started from time to time, but since there we almost all hold the same political view, they are rarely continued after a few posts)

جزاكم الله خيرا"

شركه تنظيف

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